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Summer School 2017

Erstellt am 2016/12/01, zuletzt geändert am 2017/02/11

Quality Development Course

  • Lehrgang Qualitätsentwicklung
Wann 25.07.2017 19:00 bis
29.07.2017 12:00
Wo Osterburken
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Course Profile

  • Status: DESIRED! (at least seven applications required)

  • Language: Bilingual

  • Requirements: Programme Course (Leaders Course)

  • Programme

  • Place

  • Team: Klaus Vogel, NN

  • Registration

    • Channel: E-mail (mentioning organisation, name, mobile phone number, pre-training and planned type of accommodation). 

    • Fee: 100,00 Euro (for course literature and administration only – not covering any costs for travelling, accommodation and food; fee not charged for Auditors of the German Award Association).

    • With the registration, the Conditions for Courses and Seminars are accepted (see below).

    • Deadline: 27.06.2017

  • Accommodation

    • Alte Bahnmeisterei (mattresses on the floor - free overnight stay)

    • Hotels in town or close to Osterburken: Schwanen (7 min walk), Märchenwald, Adelsheimer Hof, Roß Bofsheim, ...

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