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Alte Bahnmeisterei: Basic Information

Das Internationale Jugendprogramm in Deutschland e.V.

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The “Alte Bahnmeisterei” in Osterburken is the German Award's headquarters. The facility consists of three interconnected parts: the National Award Office (Koordinationsbüro), the Editorial Office (Redaktionsbüro) and the National Education Centre (Bildungsstätte).

Das Internationale Jugendprogramm in Deutschland e.V.


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The “Alte Bahnmeisterei” in Osterburken is the German Award's headquarters. The facility consists of three interconnected parts: the National Award Office (Koordinationsbüro), the Editorial Office (Redaktionsbüro) and the National Education Centre (Bildungsstätte).



The “Alte Bahnmeisterei” (German word for “old railway maintenance office”) in Osterburken is the German Award House. The very old building was provided to the National Award Authority by the municipality of Osterburken in 2002 and was refurbished by volunteers in three consecutive years, beginning in December 2002. A couple of years before the town of Osterburken had bought the building from German Rail, but never used it. For German Rail on its part it had served for a very long time as a domicile for one of its regional maintenance planning teams. Hence its name...

The facility consists of three interconnected parts:

  1. The National Award Office (in German: Koordinationsbüro) is the headquarters of the German National Award Authority. It is used “inside” as the secretariat of the Association and “outward” as a service centre for Operating Authorities, partners and sponsors. To date, the German Award hasn't got any full time staff.

  2. The Editorial Office (in German: Redaktionsbüro), including text and photo archives, is the “backbone” for the publication of the German Award’s online magazine NETZWERK and related Award media.

  3. The National Education Centre (in German: Bildungsstätte) includes a large seminar room, group rooms, meeting and expedition equipment, a small library, a large green area, PC network, including WiFi access*), kitchen, toilets, showers and bunks. It hosts almost all courses and seminars and can also be used by Award Units as a base for expedition trainings & ventures.

Most visitors of the Alte Bahnmeisterei come to participate in Award courses or seminars. Although most participants come from Baden-Württemberg, also Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein were already represented among the guests. Foreign guests came from Afghanistan, Bermuda, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mongolia, Pakistan, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, South Africa and USA**). All visitors can leave greetings in a huge guestbook.

Many ruins (like the Roman bath and the castle) and tracks (especially the villainous straight Limes path) still show that, 2000 years ago, Osterburken was a garrison on the then strongly fortified and heavily guarded border of the Roman Empire. Expedition groups therefore often choose Roman history as an aim and prepare their venture by visiting the famous Roman Museum. Nowadays, Osterburken is a small town located in rural north-eastern Baden-Württemberg in the Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, close to the Odenwald Wild Country Area. Osterburken is the junction no 6 on the motorway A 61. The station Osterburken can be reached from the directions of Mannheim (S-Bahn), Stuttgart and Würzburg.


How to find us


  1. Closest airports are Stuttgart (110 km) and Frankfurt am Main (170 km via Würzburg). From both of them you can access Osterburken easily by train. Maybe you can even get a air ticket with the railway travelling costs included!

  2. In Frankfurt am Main there is an ICE (fast train) railway station inside the airport (Terminal 1). Travelling time to Osterburken is a little bit more than 2,5 hours.

  3. The railway station in Osterburken is only five minutes from the “Alte Bahnmeisterei”. Trains from Würzburg, Stuttgart, and Mannheim stop in our small town every one or two hours. To be picked up at the station you just have to inform us your about your arrival time.

  4. Osterburken has got a motorway exit (A 81, No 6), too.


  1. Address: Adelheimer Str. 19, 74706 Osterburken

  2. Phone: 06291/68040, 0172/6351813 (contact time is between 09.00 and 11.00 am, except during the holidays).

  3. E-Mail:

Way in Osterburken

  1. The Alte Bahnmeisterei is the second house on the small side road that branches down from B 292 at the end of the super market southwest of the train station.

  2. Coming from the train station go left towards the crossroads and the supermarket. At the end of the supermarket car park, a small side road branches off downwards. The second house on the left is the Alte Bahnmeisterei.

  3. Leave the motorway exit Osterburken. In Osterburken you cross the railway bridge. At the traffic lights you continue in the direction of Adelsheim. At the end of the supermarket car park on your left, a small side road branches left down. The second house on the left is the Alte Bahnmeisterei.




  1. The following rooms and areas can be used: Seminar room, kitchen, roof spaces, the two wet areas on the ground floor and the green area behind the house.

  2. For parking (even with the motor home) the large parking lot behind the house ) is to use – not the forecourt.

  3. Upon request, a key is made available. The deposit is 10 euros.

  4. Young people may only stay with an adult supervisor in the building.

  5. Legally responsible is the instructor (expedition groups: group leader).

Accommodation and meals

  1. Accommodation is in dormitories (mattresses on the floor) under the roof. There are two showers and nearly two dozens of cots and mattresses available. You should bring your won sleeping bags (at least a hut sleeping bag). You can camp with your own equipment on the lawn behind the house or we can reserve a hotel room for you if you tell us in advance.

  2. Meals are prepared at the times indicated in the invitation by the participants as part of the seminar service (cf. 'self-catering and services’).

Cleaning and House Rules

Basic rules for staying are:

  1. The railway tracks behind the green area may not be entered in any case.

  2. The whole house is strictly non-smoking. For young people alcohol is prohibited.

  3. Dirty shoes will be parked at the entrance.

  4. Shower room and roof can only be entered with slippers.

  5. The library may be used, but books have to be reset into place. Borrowing is not possible.

  6. The dishes must be washed and cleaned up after each meal and before going to bed.

  7. The neighbours should not be disturbed.

  8. Night’s sleep will apply from midnight.


Self-catering and services

Preparation of meals

  1. For breakfast and lunch, participants prepare a cold buffet with bread, cheese, sausage, fruit, etc.

  2. Hot meal takes place in the evening – either delivered by a delivery service or in a restaurant. If the food is delivered, participants collect the money.

  3. For outdoor meals, appropriate ingredients and alcohol for the Trangia stoves are needed.

  4. At all meals, but also in other breaks, tea and coffee can be cooked free of charge.

These tasks include the cleaning of the tables, applying, cleaning up, washing and drying. Where to find what in the kitchen, the participants will “learn by doing”.



  1. Control the food stocks;

  2. Create shopping lists;

  3. Do the shopping (the supermarket is located in the neighbourhood and a shopping cart is available);

  4. Take a receipt;

  5. Collect the money spent for shopping back on course.


  1. Participants clean house and premises on a regular basis during the course (sweeping; wet clean if necessary).

  2. At the end of the course the participants conduct a thorough cleaning:

    1. Sweeping: used rooms and staircase;

    2. Wet clean: toilets and shower.


  1. To ensure self-catering and cleanliness, participants create a suitable service plan and ensure its compliance.

  2. Since the kitchen duty is in action after all meals, while another service makes the seminar room “course-friendly” again, breakfast and lunch end fifteen minutes before the start or the continuation of the teaching program. It is important that all course participants adhere strictly to the time constraints. To let others wait is rude – and delays are always to be paid by a reduced course content.



  1. Website:

  2. Instruction How to use the Alte Bahnmeisterei as an Expedition base:

  3. Pictures:

  4. Odenwald Wild Country Area (in German):


*) To use the WLAN, you should be able to change the respective settings in your system administration manually, notably your IP number.

**) Home countries of teachers from International Schools in Germany (like Australia, Canada or Russia) are not considered.