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New Research on the Effect of the Award on Participants

Erstellt am 2016/11/26, zuletzt geändert am 2016/12/16


  • We are all involved with the Award, because we continue to place faith in its mantra that “You can do more than you think!”. As valuable as our personal testimony may be to convey the impact of the Award to others, those less directly involved with it have a more critical eye and demand concrete measurements as proof of its efficacy.

  • Since the previous scientific study (led by Tabea Kroll in 2005) is over ten years old, it is time for a new analytical look at the Award programme. Germany is therefore pleased to announce its invitation to participate in a world-wide study, led by EMAS and in cooperation with the University of Surrey.

  • Since the materials used are currently only available in English, our participation in the study will begin with the international schools, as well as any other English-language schools. In order to reach the minimum requirements for participation, we must accumulate 150 Award participants from the international school programs, as well as 150 of their non-participants to serve as a control group.

  • The Award Coordinators at the international schools will be contacted directly via email in the next few days and are requested to give a quick response, so that we can know by the upcoming holiday, whether we will be able to acquire the necessary numbers to participate in the pilot project.