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Alte Bahnmeisterei (e)

Erstellt am 2008/09/01, zuletzt geändert am 2015/03/25


  • Alte Bahnmeisterei is the German Award House. It contains

    • The National Award Office (Koordinationsbüro)

    • The National Educational Establishment (Bildungsstätte).

  • To date, the German Award hasn't got any full time staff. Iris Dikel, the German Award's part time secretary, can be contacted on weekdays between 09.00 and 11.00 am.

  • The very old building was provided by the town of Osterburken in 2002 and refurbished by volunteers then in tree consecutive years. A couple of years before the town of Osterbuken had bought the building from German Rail, but never used it. German Rail on its part had used it for a very long time as a domicile of one of its regional construction planning teams. Hence its name...

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How to find us

  • Osterburken

    • Closest airports are Stuttgart (110 km) and Frankfurt am Main (170 km via Würzburg). From both of them you can access Osterburken by train easily. Maybe you can even get a flying ticket with the railway traveling costs included!

    • The railway station in Osterburken is just 5 minutes distant from “Alte Bahnmeisterei”. Trains from Würzburg, Stuttgart, and Mannheim stop in our small town every one or two hours. To be picked up at the station you just have to tell us your time of arrival.

    • Osterburken has got a motorway junction (A 81, No 6), too.

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